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When driving on a toll road, it is possible for Bestpass customers to receive a toll violation - even if your vehicle has an active transponder. If you receive a violation, don't panic, just follow these easy steps and we will process it for you!


  • Click on the "Usage" tab


  • Click on the "Violations" tab


  • Upload your violations - be sure to include all pages!
  1. Click "Choose File" and select your scanned document(s)
  2. Drop down the box next to "Source" and select the agency that the violation(s) is from
  3. Select "Upload"


Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded your violation(s)! You can check the status of your violation at any time, via the Portal. Still have questions? Please feel free to give Customer Service a call at 888-410-9696 or email us at support@bestpass.com.

Want to print these instructions for future reference? Download this handy PDF.