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Hauling Triple Trailers on the Ohio Turnpike

If you haul triple trailers on the Ohio Turnpike, here's a friendly reminder for you! In order to run triple trailers on the Ohio Turnpike, you must be registered in the Ohio Turnpike Commission (OTC) Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Program. To register, you must fill out the OTC Application for Long Combination Vehicle Equipment Permit which can be found on their website

Specifics about the LCV Program and driving triple trailers can be found in the OTC Provisions for covering permits for operating triple trailers, also on their website

Once you are registered in the program, you must keep you equipment updated. If you replace or swap transponders in tractors, you will need to notify the OTC. Failure to register in the LCV program and/or update transponder information with the OTC may cause you truck(s) to get held up at a toll booth and/or be refused entry on the Ohio Turnpike. Any questions about the LCV program should be directed to the OTC Customer Service Department at 1-888-876-7453.