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Seasonal Trucks: What You Need to Do

It's that time of the year for returning leased seasonal trucks! If you lease seasonal trucks and are preparing to return them for the winter, please remember that you will need to remove those plates from your Bestpass account. If you fail to remove those plates, you risk toll being applied to your account after the truck's return - and no one wants to pay for tolls that aren't theirs! Of course, should that situation arise and you end up with toll on your account for a leased vehicle that you've returned, contact our customer service team ASAP and we'll assist you with removing the plates from your account and submitting a claim for those toll charges with the leasing company for the truck. Remember: whenever you add a leased vehicle to your Bestpass account, you have the option of adding an end-date that will automatically remove the plate from your account when that date rolls around!


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