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New Jersey Turnpike Authority: RightToll

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has started a public information campaign to remind drivers that keeping an active E-ZPass tag properly mounted on their windshields is the only way to take advantage of the many benefits E-ZPass offers. The NJTA campaign stresses the importance of swapping out old E-ZPass tags when new ones arrive in the mail as part of a tag swap program. Those old tags are eventually deactivated and no longer register in the toll lanes.

Customers who use deactivated tags could be paying higher cash rates, missing out on E-ZPass discounts, or paying the "maximum toll' - that is, the toll rate for traveling from the entrance farthest from the interchange where they exit. You can learn more about the advantages of using an active tag properly mounted on the windshield by visiting njta.com/RightToll.

Our friends at NJTA asked Bestpass to help spread the word to our customers. We are here to make sure you are all set with all of the best practices outlined in this educational initiative. If you have any questions about your coverage in New Jersey or mounting your Bestpass transponder, please reach out to Customer Service, and we'll be happy to help!