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A message to our customers regarding the Pennsylvania Turnpike volume discount in 2014:

As one of our valued customers, you already know that Bestpass has made it our mission to maximize discounts for our clients by making them eligible for the greatest discounts available from tolling authorities. Bud did you know that as a Bestpass customer, you are also benefitting from behind-the-scenes efforts to ensure that discounts to the highest volume users of toll facilities remain on the forefront of tolling authority agendas?

In July 2013, Bestpass became aware of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's (PTC) intent to remove the volume discount extended to commercial vehicles. Recognizing the value of that discount to our customers, we set up a meeting with representatives of the PTC. Over the course of several meetings and discussions with the PTC and with industry support from Jim Runk, President of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, we were able to persuade them to retain the discount for the highest volume users of their facility.

While we were not able to convince the PTC to retain the previous 5% discount, Bestpass was able to make a solid case to retain a 3% discount for toll volumes over $20,000 per month. This discount was achieved because Bestpass pools carriers and provides efficiencies to the tolling authorities that we can then pass back to you. We would not have been successful in this effort without your support as a client.

The new Bestpass PTC discounts beginning in 2014 are as follows:

  • Carriers with less than $20,000 per month in PTC toll usage will receive a 2% discount
  • Carriers with greater than $20,000 per month in PTC toll usage will receive the full 3% discount

As can be seen with the 20% discount on the recently added toll facilities in Colorado, we are always working hard to secure additional discounts for our clients and to expand our service footprint. Our "for truckers, by truckers" roots ensure that not only are you getting the best service available, but you've also got us on your side when it comes to tolling issues. From all of us here at Bestpass, thank you for selecting us to help navigate the challenges of interstate tolling.