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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2019

A few stories from the Bestpass team...

It's no secret that Bestpass loves truckers and truly enjoys making things easier for them while they are out on the road. We know the grit that it must take to be out on the road for long days, even weeks, without loved ones and your own bed. Even though we are thrilled that an entire week is dedicated to thanking truck drivers, we are thankful for truck drivers' hard work and dedication, every single day.

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Bestpass employees thought about the truck drivers they know in their own lives and the qualities that they possess. Here's a few stories and words of gratitude from our team...

Thank you, Burt

"Once upon a time I had the privilege to work with Burt, a truck driver with Crystal Motor Express out of Massachusetts. Burt would often be found dispensing some nugget of wisdom he learned from The Road, or his years spent in the Marine Corps, and greeted everyone with a firm and respectful handshake. Burt was always willing to make special arrangements for our scheduled pick-ups, whether it was rearranging pallets to make extra space, or even contacting Dispatch to secure an additional pick-up. Ensuring our entire shipment went out that day was Burt’s goal, and Burt went as far as to help build, wrap, and load pallets. Burt worked hard to support his family, and he worked hard to provide us with excellent service. Thanks you, Burt."

- Casey, Business Systems Analyst

Thank you, Tim

"My friend Tim has been a driver for the last 15+ years. Most of that time he was with Sysco delivering food to the restaurants and cafeterias we all enjoy. More recently, he’s started driving car carriers.

In all of it, I’m constantly impressed by how long and hard he works every day. A ten hour day would seem really long to me but is a short day for him. I don’t know how he’s done it for all these years."

- Jon, Software Architect 

Thank you, John Jr.

"John Richburg Jr, husband to Bestpass employee, was a UPS Driver for 12 years. As a dedicated professional, some highlights to his career were representing UPS in a promotional event at a Syracuse Basketball Game by delivering the game ball to center court; routinely delivering over 400 stops a day during peak season (Christmas); and was an active member of the Safety Committee for his terminal."

-Sarah, Support Services Manager

Thank you, Jon

"My uncle, Jon Atwell, started working for UPS in 1986 at age 21 then transitioned to be a delivery truck driver full time in 1996. In the last 23 straight years of “driving & walking” as he calls it, he has never suffered an injury that has kept him out of working. This is a testament to his efforts in taking care of himself. He visits the gym 3-4 times a week before work to do the machines and cardio; he’s played pitched on a competitive baseball team into his 50’s and has always been an avid runner. The race he’s most proud of was a 15K (9.3miles) in 60:20.

He said being a truck driver isn’t self-gratifying like being a teacher might be. But in general, everyone is typically glad to see you because you’re bringing them something they want. There are also moments when you might deliver a wedding dress to a mother or future bride and you’re momentarily made to feel a part of something special. 

The two most challenging things he said of his job are the physical wear and tear (hence the importance of taking care of himself like he does) and the weather. Up here in New York, when the snow comes, there are many driveways that are impassable with the truck, so each of those stops involves extra minutes to carry the packages through the snow up to the house. UPS doesn’t generally stop its operations due to weather.

Jon is an active member of the Safety Committee where he leads demos for the drivers in his terminal. This week’s demo was on the power zone (thighs to chest) and the importance of keeping the box within that area of your body. Due to rapid driver turnover, he repeats those demos sometimes twice a week just to keep everyone current.

Funny Story: UPS gives all sorts of training on how to prevent a dog bite, but today was unique and he wasn’t quite sure what to do. My uncle said, “At one of my stops a goat climbed right into the truck. There were 3 of them at the house and I didn’t trust them. I didn’t know what they were going to do. You just can’t make this stuff up!”

-Sarah, Support Services Manager