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National Hamburger Month

The entire month of May is known as National Hamburger Month. There are few things in this world better than an awesome burger. We checked with our staff and a couple of friends to see where you should stop to grab a quality hamburger while you're out on the road.

1. M&M's Tavern - New Lebanon, N.Y.

Looking at the building, you may have some doubts - an old doctor's office was transformed into a "rustic watering hole" that cranks out some awesome wings and burgers. Max, our AR & AP associate, raves about their Cowboy Burger. Don't take our word for it? Check out this stellar dining review.

2. Guy Fieri's - Las Vegas, N.V.

Their Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger has won several awards in Vegas, as well as New York City. Eileen, our office assistant, says it is the best burger that she has ever had. 

3. Billy Bob's Burgers - Kileen, T.X.

Billy Bob's is an awesome locally owned and operated spot in Texas that serves up some seriously delicious burgers. Ashley, from our sales team, swears by the Boomtown Burger. The other great thing about this place - they take your name, not a number when you order, plus, they have ice cream.

4. Mussel and Burger Bar - Louisville,  K.Y. 

Nicole, our communications specialist, stumbled upon the most delicious cheeseburger that she has ever tasted in Louisville, Kentucky, while attending the Mid-America Trucking Show. "When I was looking up places to try, I came across Mussel and Burger Bar and thought it was a weird combination. I was wrong - it was insanely delicious." Nicole opted for the Southern Belle; check out their drool-worthy menu.

Southern Belle Burger

Our absolute favorite burger recipe:

Want to whip up a great burger at home? Check out our favorite burger recipe - we promise it's out of this world! Hint: the potato rolls are super important and grilling the rolls is equally as important.