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Starting in October, drivers on the Massachusetts Turnpike will need to have a transponder that is compatible with the E-ZPass system to avoid paying an extra surcharge for their toll. Bestpass works for all E-ZPass facilities.

The MassDOT is eliminating manned toll boths and launching an electronic system, "Open Road Tolling," that will read E-ZPass transponders while vehicles are moving at regular highway speeds. If the vehicle does not have an active transponder in place, the system will take a photo of the vehicle's license plate, add a to-be-determined surcharge, and send a bill in the mail.

The Tappan Zee Bridge in New York is also switching to cashless tolls starting in April and will read Bestpass transponders.

To learn more about the changes, contact the Bestpass Customer Service team at support@bestpass.com or (888) 410-9696.