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Open Road Tolling Comes to Kansas Turnpike

As of the first week of December 2017, the Kansas Turnpike has its very first open road tolling plaza! The plaza is located on I-70, just west of Kansas City.

The Eastern Terminal is the first toll plaza on the Kansas Turnpike to allow commercial vehicles and other travelers with compatible electronic transponders to keep moving through the tolling area at highway speeds, therefore minimizing the costs associated with stopping.

Work is already underway to bring open road tolling to two other plazas on the Kansas Turnpike, at East Topeka plaza on I-70/KTA and the Southern Terminal, just north of the Oklahoma border on I-35/KTA. The conversion of Eastern Terminal, East Topeka and Southern Terminal toll plazas will greatly benefit commercial fleets and other travelers with compatible electronic transponders.

Conversion of the Eastern Terminal to open road tolling is complete and construction at East Topeka and Southern Terminal is scheduled for 2018 and 2019, respectively. 

What is open road tolling?

With open road tolling, Bestpass customers and other travelers with compatible electronic transponders are able to continue on the roadway, at normal highway speeds, through the toll area - meaning, they don't need to slow down to pay the toll. Those without a compatible electronic transponder (cash or ticket travelers) exit right, like a traditional exit, as shown in the photo, below:


How does open road tolling work?

Check out the following video to see how K-TAG (or compatible electronic transponders) are used in open road tolling on the Kansas Turnpike. As always, if you are Bestpass customer, your Bestpass Horizon Transponder is compatible with the Kansas Turnpike.



What are the benefits of open road tolling?

Benefits of open road tolling include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased safety due to divided slower/stopped traffic
  • Reduced congestion at the toll plazas by allowing more vehicles per hour/per lane
  • Less time on the road, due to not having to stop or deaccelerate at the toll booth (this also means saving money on fuel)

To learn more about the Kansas Turnpike and open road tolling, please visit: https://www.ksturnpike.com/openroad