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We have been keeping track of toll rate changes and want to be sure to keep you in the loop! The following changes are in effect, beginning this July. We are always working hard to identify toll rate changes and will keep you updated as more changes come about.
North Texas Tollway Authority to Increase Toll Rates
Toll rates will increase on July 1, as part of a scheduled biennial increase that was approved back in 2009. NTTA users will see an increase of one penny, per mile, from 17.06 to 18.01 cents.  Check out the rates, here.
Indiana Toll Road Authority
As of July 1, there will be a toll rate increase on Class 2 (2-axle vehicles & motorcycles) and Class 5 (5-axle vehicles): Toll rates for a full-length trip for all Class 2 users will increase from $10.52 to $10.75. A full-length trip for Class 5 users (typical 5-axle semi) will cost $43.01. Toll rates will be available soon, on the Indiana Toll Road Authority website.
SR 520 Bridge Toll Rate Increases and Overnight Tolling
Nighttime tolling (11 p.m. - 5 a.m.) will begin July 1. It will be a flat rate of $1.25 per crossing for SR 520 users. The Good To Go! weekday and weekend toll rates will increase five percent (peak period tolls will increase 20 cents). Check out the rates, here.
91 Freeway Toll Lanes Getting Another Rate Increase in July
A two percent toll increase will go into effect for Riverside County and Orange County segments, effective July 1. Check out the rates, here.
Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge
As of 12:01 a.m., on July 1, tolls for all vehicle classes will increase by five percent. The increase is part of the multi-year toll scheduled approved by Chesapeake City Council on July 10, 2012. View the multi-year toll schedule, here.

Golden Gate Bridge
Beginning July 3, the toll will increase at least 25 cents on the Golden Gate Bridge. Under the new rates, FasTrak users will pay $6.75 per crossing.
Bonus Temporary Change!
Truckers entering New York City by bridges and tunnels will receive an overnight toll discount during NYC construction. From July 10 - September 1, MTA is offering truckers a 50 percent discount on tolls between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Learn more, here.