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Have you noticed a few changes on your most recent invoice?

Beginning with our September invoices, we're added a whole new section: the Account at a Glance. This section summarizes your monthly toll usage for the past thirteen months, as well as your current and year-to-date savings received by using Bestpass. It's a great way to see how your toll usage is trending over time and to see your Bestpass benefits adding up for you throughout the year!

In addition to the new section, we've made some invoice changes regarding how our service fees are listed on the Charges/Credits section of your invoice. The Bestpass Service Fee that used to appear under the NY Thruway (Discounted) area of that section has been moved to the Bestpass area and renamed to "Discount Service Fee (NYSTA)." Meanwhile, the Bestpass Service Fee (per tag) that is under the Bestpass Service area has been renamed to "Tag Service Fee."

We hope that you find the new invoice changes and additions to our invoice helpful! We're always looking for your feedback and would love to know what you think of the changes or if you have any suggestions for improvement - so let us know what you think!