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Bestpass was “born” of (and are still wholly owned by) the Trucking Association of New York (TANY) and we take our “for truckers, by truckers” roots seriously. We firmly believe in supporting the trucking industry and fostering a positive awareness about large trucks and other vehicles - and their drivers - with the general public.

We can’t think of a better event to do that than a touch-a-truck event. These events are an excellent way to give the general public unparalleled access to the large vehicles that keep our country moving, by letting kids and adults alike touch, climb into, and see them up close.

Touch-a-truck events allow the public to get hands on and learn about working trucks and drivers, help to dispel negative stereotypes, and foster the positive public image that the trucking industry deserves.

We went into our first touch-a-truck event to honor truck drivers, raise public awareness of the industry, and to raise money for our chosen cause, Wreaths Across America. We came out of it achieving all three of those goals, and learned a lot along the way. Our success led to the decision to package it up into a comprehensive guide to help other industry groups put on their very own touch-a-truck events without having to endure the learning curve we experienced.

This kit includes everything you’ll need to hold a touch-a-truck event, from the planning stages through the promotion stages and beyond - we hope you’ll find the information presented an invaluable resource!

We are excited to provide this kit and hope that it enables more organizations across the country to hold touch-a-truck events - no matter what cause they support - as the positive impact these events have on the public awareness of our industry is immeasurable!

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