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Startup by end of year?

E-ZPass and Florida's SunPass have established a working group on interoperability and the executive director of the E-ZPass Group, PJ Wilkins, has said it should be possible to have this working by the end of this year. He was speaking from the podium on Sunday in front of 500 attendees at the IBTTA's Interoperability Conference at the Legacy Marriott in Plano/Dallas, Texas.

Interoperability between E-ZPass and Florida would mean that vehicles with E-ZPass transponder accounts would be able to drive on Florida's many tollroads and have their regular E-ZPass/I-Pass/iZoom/FAST LANE accounts debited for the tolls. Also, Florida motorists with SunPass or the compatible Orlando brand E-PASS could drive throughtout E-ZPass territory and have their Florida accounts debited. Tolls in North Carolina would also be part of E-ZPass/SunPass interoperability. This would bring together two of four large electronic toll blocs in the US, accounting for about 70% of the country's transponder and license plate tolls - the remaining two blocs being Texas and California.

Industry people working interoperability say that after SunPass/E-ZPass the big push will be to bring in Texas and Oklahoma. The 6C alliance of Georgia, Washington State, Utah, and Colorado might come next and California last. For Bestpass clients, it means your Bestpass transponder will finally work on Florida toll roads.

Source: TollRoad News 5-19-11