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Customer Spotlight: USA Truck, Inc. 

Whitley Taylor

Here at Bestpass, we take special interest in our clients and really enjoy getting to know them on a personal level!

One of our favorite clients to talk to is Whitley Taylor, of USA Truck, Inc., who handles licenses and permits. You can talk to Whitely on a Monday and you would swear it's Friday because of her sunny disposition! She truly is a pleasure to work with!

We love Whitley, but we love USA Truck, too. They aren't just any new kid on the block - USA Truck entered its 31st year of business this year and services more than 25 percent of the Fortune 100 companies! Their primary customers include: food and beverage manufacturers, health, beauty and cosmeticcs manufacturers, automotive parts and accessories - just to name a few!

USA Truck, transports commodities throughout the continental U.S., and into and out of parts of Canada. They also transport general commodities in and out of Mexico by allowing through-trailer service from their terminal in Laredo, Tx.

Whitley is celebrating her three-year work anniversary with USA Truck this month - congrats, Whitley! When we asked her what she liked about working with us, she had this to say about the Bestpass team: "They are always there and willing to help when I need them. They always answer me in a quick and pleasant manner!"

Whitley's favorite feature of Bestpass is our misread service. "By offering this service, Bestpass has allowed us to get back thousands of dollars each month that we would have been spending on maximum toll amounts due to misreads at the toll booths. It would be nearly impossible for us to handle this on our own," said Whitley.

We truly appreciate USA Truck's business and especially, Whitley Taylor, for managing their Bestpass account efficiently and effectively! We look forward to what the future holds and cannot wait to help serve USA Truck and Whitley, even better, with the new additions to our Bestpass service network that are coming soon!


USAT Whitley Taylor headshot

Whitley Taylor, USA Truck, Inc.