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#Bestpass Gives: Cranksgiving

We are thankful for our staff.

Here at Bestpass, we truly are grateful to have an amazing staff - full of genuine, hardworking and kind people. Special thanks to Max and Eric for peddling their hearts out for an amazing cause.

What: Collar City Cranksgiving - a food drive on two wheels. Part bike ride, part food drive and part scavenger hunt. It was the first year that the charity bike race and food drive took place in Troy, New York, on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019 and all proceeds went to Joseph's House & Shelter - an organization that provides meals, shelter, and services to the homeless.


Who: Max, our accountant and Eric, our sales representative, teamed up and hopped on their bikes in the bitter cold and rode to destinations all over Troy to pick up items to benefit Joseph's House & Shelter.


How: Together, with the help of Bestpass employee donations, Max and Eric raised more than $300 for Cranksgiving! They were able to spend $210 in food to donate to the shelter and donated the remaining $110 as a cash donation to Joseph's House & Shelter.

Joseph's House Shelter

Max & Eric's Journey:

They weren't alone! Plenty of people from the Capital Region were ready to bike and scavenger hunt for a great cause!

Since Max and Eric weren't in the competition division, they were able to drop their loads of periodically, which was super helpful.



They were given a list of five locations to stop at, with an item or two to purchase at each stop. Max and Eric had to map out a plan on the best way to navigate around Troy with the bounty.


Bella Napoli was their first stop. At the local bakery, they bought eight loaves of freshly baked Italian bread. Next, they  headed to the Troy Indoor Farmers Market, where they filled bags with apples and walked out with $30 worth to peddle to a drop-off. 


The next part was the longest part of the journey - a trip across the Congress Street Bridge to a Price Chopper supermarket in Watervliet (the next town over). There, Max and Eric purchased eight cans of garbanzo beans, eight cans of pinto beans and five boxes of pasta. The trek back across the bridge on the way back was kind of like doing ice moguls on their bikes, but Max and Eric survived and made it to their next stop: Defazio's. 


Defazio's, a favorite pizza spot in Troy, N.Y., has been a huge supporter of the Joseph's Shelter and has been able to raise/donate approximately $100,000 worth of food over the years.

When Max and Eric showed up to buy the cannelloni beans on their list, Defazio's had already sold out. Instead, they stocked up on an industrial sized can of cannellini beans, four cans pineapple tidbits, two cans of roasted peppers, and two large cans of French onion soup. With their backpacks filled to the max, Eric and Max headed to Rare Form Brewery to unload and regroup.

Max and Eric's last stop was Uncle Sam's Health Foods on Fourth Street. With just over $200 left to spend, Max and Eric walked into the door to see that they too had been cleaned out by participants of Cranksgiving! Max and Eric stocked up on 15 cans of organic soup, eight large cans of diced/crushed tomatoes, three bags of basmati rice and two more boxes of pasta. The shelves were basically barren of non-perishables after Max and Eric grabbed $108 worth. They dropped off their final load at Rare Form and shared in camaraderie with the other participants.


At the end of the day, Max and Eric managed to spend $210 buying food for the shelter and handed the remaining $110 over to the event organizers to add it to the cash donations to go directly to Joseph's Shelter. Way to go, team!