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Checkin' In

About at year ago, we made an agreement with the Colorado E-470, the Public Highway Authority in Colorado, to provide discounted toll services on their facilities. ExpressToll is the electronic toll collection system available on E-470, the Northwest Parkway (NWP) and the I-25 tolled Express Lanes.

We wanted to check in with some clients who frequently use the E-470, to get their thoughts on the addition of the service and see how it has been working for them.

We heard a lot of positive things across the board, but no matter who we spoke to, they were in agreement on the best benefit of the addition of the E-470: the Bestpass discount of 20%, on all usage incurred on the facilities was the favorite, and we don't blame them!

We also found that since the addition of the Colorado E-470 to our coverage area, trucking companies have utilized the E-470 more than they ever have before.

Whitely, from USA Truck, Inc. explains, "Before, we used to get one or two bills a month for only twenty dollars [of E-470 usage]; now we do over a couple hundred dollars a month." She also added, "We used to have a limited route, but now since it is so convenient, we have dedicated routes." 

What was also unanimous was that the drivers and the billing personnel enjoy having the E-470 rolled into the Bestpass service. Customers love that there is only one bill. We also chatted with Alicia, at Werner Enterprises, who said about Bestpass' coverage area, "Anything that Bestpass adds, results in less work for us."

We are thrilled that our clients are reaping the benefits of the E-470 and we are working hard to expand our service coverage area. Stay tuned for more to come!

Please note: ExpressToll facilities are all electronic. There are no manned toll booths.

FAQ's regarding the E-470:

What do I have to do?

Nothing! As a Bestpass customer, you are automatically enrolled in the ExpressToll. Your vehicles will be registered and maintained by Bestpass with the E-470 tolling authority and usage will be billed on the prepaid portion of your Bestpass account.

Already have an ExpressToll account?

No problem! Just give Bestpass support a call and we will coordinate closure of your exiting account.

What if I receive an ExpressToll Bill?

If your vehicle information is not current and you receive a bill directly from ExpressToll after Bsetpass begins providing service, just send the bill to us. We will apply the toll to your Bestpass account and make sure your vehicle license plate is correctly registered to avoid any further ExpressToll bills. Bestpass is authorized to dismiss the bill and apply the pay the toll usage through your Bestpass account with no penalty.


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