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It's travel season! Bestpass employees have been taking vacations all over the world, experiencing new things and seeing fantastic sights.

Thailand (Chiang Mai, Koh Change, Bangkok): "My friends would likely say their favorite part of Thailand was riding and feeding elephants. However, I would probably have to choose the cooking where I learned how to make red curry from scratch. This is something I am taking with me as a skill, to share with friends and family that were not able to make the trip, and give them a piece of Thailand as I had experienced it." - Alexis, Junior Programmer Analyst

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Hatteras, North Carolina: "The best part of the family vacation was that my only worry was to keep the sand out of my beer." - Jesse, Customer Service Account Manager 

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Ireland: "We drove all over Ireland and the video toll got me in Dublin. Lots of castles and fun scenery. We saw Trim Castle, where they filmed Braveheart and it was amazing to walk around The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland!" Andrew, Manager of Technology and Innovation

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Tennessee: "I spent my July 4th in Tennessee, which is my favorite vacation destination. My favorite part was spending time with my nephews, Daniel (16), and Andrew "Panda" (10), introducing them to all that I love about Tennessee. We attended drag races, showed them the beautful countryside, took them to a wild life rehabilitation and education center, and we topped off our trip with my happy place, Dollywood Amusement Park, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We had a blast!" Robin, Manager of Business Initiatives

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Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: "We had a wedding to attend in Wisconsin, so we decided to make it a family vacation and visit the Wilderness Resort Water Park for five days. They have nine water parks, both indoor and outdoor. It was a truly wonderful vacation. The best part, by far, was seeing my son go down his first water slide. He LOVED it. We must have went down a dozen times on each slide. I also did the Pabst Blue Ribbon tour, while I was in Milwaukee - definitely a highlight for me!" Dan, Customer Service Representative