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Bestpass recently launched Bestpass Rebilling, a technology that allows its customers to seamlessly reassign toll transactions to specific business units, customers or contractors.
“With Bestpass Rebilling, our customers can now recoup toll costs while radically simplifying their back-office operations,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “Not only will they save time and money on rebilling, but they will also benefit from the full Bestpass toll management service, including nationwide  overage, violation processing and account consolidation, among many other features.”
Bestpass Rebilling customers will be able to use the Bestpass web portal to designate single vehicles or distinct groups of vehicles that are responsible for incurred toll transactions. The customers can also create toll statements on demand, for any period of time and with their company logo, to provide supporting documentation and to ensure reimbursement for all relevant transactions. 
“When Bestpass Rebilling customers generate statements, they can include a toll processing fee while simultaneously transferring the toll liability to a contractor or other entity,” said Andrews. “Our primary goal for this new product is to positively impact the bottom line for commercial fleets using the Bestpass service.
Benefits of Bestpass Rebilling include:
  • Flexible rebilling within any period of time
  • Ability to add toll processing fee to rebilling statement
  • Seamless and accurate toll processing
  • Shift toll cost to responsible entities
  • Web portal with on-demand reporting
  • Minimize back office time
  • Minimize costly plate tolls, fees or duplicate tolls
  • Improve driver recruitment and retention by offering comprehensive toll management

Bestpass Rebilling Basic Flowchart