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Bestpass got its start 15 years ago as a service for members of the New York State Motor Truck Association, helping NYSMTA’s members get a volume discount on E-ZPass toll. Since then, and especially over the last few years, we have grown explosively, now offering a number of options to cover toll from coast to coast.

Last month, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, we launched our latest option, Bestpass Complete, giving customers a single solution for national toll coverage on one device, with weigh station bypass compatibility and comprehensive reporting for all major U.S. toll roads. If you are interested in Bestpass Complete, you will be able to get it by the end of this year.

“For our customers that drive coast to coast, from fleets with hundreds of trucks spread across several regional hubs to owner-operators keeping their own books, Bestpass Complete is likely the best choice: one device that gets them through every toll facility,” said John Andrews, our president and CEO. “However, for other customers, Bestpass Complete may not be the best option, so we have cultivated a great deal of flexibility in providing the best service on a case by case basis.”

For customers operating primarily in the northeast, we offer a device to cover the 28 tolling groups that comprise E-ZPass in that region. Our Core Transponder is available as a toll only or weigh station bypass compatible windshield device, as well as an externally mounted transponder for license plate or roof mount applications.

USA map core

We added coverage for all of the toll roads in Florida, Kansas and Texas in 2015 and are actively testing in Oklahoma, with the expectation of going live for all customers in May. Our Horizon transponder, a single device exclusively available through us, covers all four of these states and is available as a windshield mount, sticker or externally mounted transponder.

USA map horizon

Both our Core and Horizon services include toll coverage for Colorado's E-470, Washington state's Good To Go! and California's Bay Area Toll Authority.

With Bestpass Complete, you get the coverage of both our Core and Horizon transponders packaged into one convenient device. You also have the option to add coverage for The Toll Roads in southern California. Bestpass Complete gets you everything that Bestpass has to offer with the added convenience of one device for ease of hardware management, reordering and reporting. 

USA map completemap

“We are a nimble company, and we strive to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible,” said Andrews. “Whether it be Bestpass Complete or one of our other available options, we will come up with the best possible solution to our customer’s tolling needs.”

Bestpass stays true to its roots by striving every day to make things easier for its customers in the trucking industry, saving them time and money. To learn more, give us a call at (888) 410-9696 or email us at info@bestpass.com.