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Bestpass 101

Tip #1: "My transponder isn't working!"

If you receive a red light at the toll booth, and/or a message such as, "Call E-ZPass," "Low Balance" or "Toll Not Paid" it could be due to one or more of the following:

  • Incorrect mounting of your transponder

  • Inappropriate speed at the toll booth - your transponder may not read if your speed is above the posted speed limit (learn more about speeding through tolls)
  • Inclement weather - specifically snow can cover externally mounted transponders, as well as toll booth readers. Radio signal interruptions can also happen due to weather
  • Faulty toll reader at the toll booth - some of the toll booth readers are old and worn and don't work as efficiently as others
  • The age of the transponder - internally mounted(windshield) E-ZPass transponders have a typical shelf life of three to five years. Externally mounted transponders, such as a plate or roof mount, have a typical shelf life of two to three years 
  • Obstruction of transponder - a metal visor, GPS, window tint, etc. can cause alter/disrupt the signal

If you have any questions about your transponder(s), please feel free to give Customer Service a call at 888-410-9696 or email us at support@bestpass.com.